The murder weapon collection 1: Third weapon

The ground was damp from all of the rain water from the night before. The huge dark trees looked like slimy green silhouettes in the black backdrop of the night sky.  I know that slavery is supposed to be dead, but when my master let me go I was like a dog off the leach.

I dashed through the dark trees and the hand-like branches that tried supress me to a halt. Flashes of light in the distance made the hairs on my back stand on edge.

The sound of someone’s slow hoarse breathing and the pounding of their feet reverberated through the dark forest. The light from the flashlights blinded my vision and I collided with him with a snap of my back.

We both fell over into the damp muddy floor below us. My master was close on my tail but the pressure of the man lying on top of me was too much for me to wiggle myself free.

When my master finally caught up with me he rolled over the man, pulled me free and took me home, where I never left again.