What is this thing that we call life? Why does it ‘seem’ so hard?

We all want to live a happy life, but somehow, all end up scarred!

Obsession, Depression, Aggression, Paranoia, Procrastination,

Manipulation, Agitation, Confusion, Lust, Fear, Doubt, Low self esteem,

Lack of Trust, Hurt, by the ones we Love either physically, psychologically or both!!

What is this thing that we call life? Is it even worth living?

We all want others to be kind to us but, what are ‘we’ willing to do?

Some people would sooner kill themselves than help other people.

Deceit, Lying, Backstabbing, Double-crossing, Double-minded, Un-trustable,

Un-faithful, Self obsessed, Devil minded, Evil filled, Good For Nothing!!

What is this thing that we call life? Who is the one that made it?

Is it loved and appreciated for the bad as well as the good?

Was the ‘bad’ something gone wrong? Or was it a part of the necessary?

Is it just as loved? Or was it made to be hated?

& what is the use and source of hatred?

Anguish, Suffering, Craziness, Pain, Loneliness, Crime, Abuse,

Self-harming, Suicidal, Death, Mourning!!

So many people in this ‘world’, in this thing we call life.

So much of them are hurting, even though, Christ has paid the price.

But what Christ did, was done to give to us a gift. Unfortunately,

just like any other present, you cannot benefit unless you accept it.

& if you don’t accept it, you will have many questions about this thing

we call ‘life’. Unlike me, you won’t find the answers, I get mine from the source and that is Jesus Christ.