The Sims Medieval

What is The Sims Medieval all about? Well it’s not just “The Sims” set in Medieval times. So let me tell you what it is all about. When you first turn on the game you have a choice of scenarios to pick from but only one is unlocked, you have to play through one Scenario to unlock two more. The game play is different from the other games, you have to do quest to level up and gain ‘RP’ with ‘RP’ you can upgrade your kingdom and/or use them to gain allied kingdoms.

Each quest has you doing different things, from rescuing a boy to kissing frogs and fighting off strong wizards. Some of the quest can only be done by certain heroes and some of them need more than one hero. The way you do the quest is completely up to you.

On a whole I have enjoyed this game, it is very addictive and fun to play. The only thing that lets this game down is fact that when you have children they don’t go passed the child stage unless the King/Queen dies and a successor is needed. Then only one of your children gets older and the rest stay young.