The birth of a Hero part 11 and part 12

Four months had passed since the squires first met. They now got on like the best of friends, but this day changed everything.

Bahra got up out of his small bed and popped his head out of the window. He saw Renato and Dane playing outside but Hayden was nowhere to be seen. Bahra looked further down the field, past the forest and out to the sea. The strong waves slapped off the side of the cliff. When his head came back down his friends were no longer outside. He walked down the stairs to see the three boys rushing up to him. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

All of the boys went quiet. The first one to speak however was Hayden. “At the castle” he managed in a weak voice “is a man who is looking for you.”

Bahra looked at them and headed back upstairs. The three boys all shouted at the same time “what are you doing?”

With a smile he replied “well I have to look my best don’t I.”

Once he was change with his two swords strapped to his back and his chain with his three rings on it, he marched towards the castle. His long braided hair blew all over his face in the wind, which made him, look ready for whatever was to come.

Inside the castle a man in a long dark cape with a sword at his waist stood in the middle of the throne room. His dark eyes were like knives piercing bahra’s body. The young prince approached the king and bowed before him. When he raised his head he began to speak “you summoned me my lord?”

“This man in the dark cloak has requested a moment of your time” the king replied.

The young prince bowed at the king once more, then turned and bowed to the man in the cape. As he looked at the man he asked “what is your name and what is your business with me?”

The man threw his cape on the floor and pulled out his sword and in a breathy voice he said “I am peter, sir of blue falls and I am here to duel you for you swords.”

Bahra was a bit taken back but he pulled out his swords anyway. The king stood up and shouted “I forbid this madness.”

But the queen whispered in his ear “call the guards and if it gets out-of-hand they can step in.”

The king sat back down, waved his hand and said “proceed.”

A big circle of guards surrounded them as they were about to start the duel. Peter held his sword in two hands, while Bahra had one in each. Bahra came in with his left but got parried so he spun around and tried with right but he got pushed to the ground. Peter brought his sword out of the sky straight down to shatter his skull, bahra was able to slip the attack and slice his left leg bringing him to his knees. Once they both got back up Peter got him with a cheeky punch in the ribs, then sliced him in the leg. Bahra cried out. Peter walked over to Bahra to pick the swords because the duel was over. Fore ran into the hall. All eyes were on the dog when it transformed back into it original body. The Sikai picked up Bahra, put him on his back and roared at peter until he fainted.


The birth of a Hero Part 10

The prince was shown to his room which was on the top floor. The room had a small bed in one of the corners by the window. Two dusty oil lamps faced each other on parallel walls. The bookshelf opposite his was slanted and leaned against the wall. The bottom panels to the door to his room were missing. Bahra laid his bags on the floor, change into some comfortable house clothes and headed to the stairs.

When the prince enter the living area, the three young boys still sat in the long-backed chairs, but this time they were around a table playing first fox a card game. The first boy his eye caught was a short slim guy, with long grey hair and grey eyes. He wore a regal blue half robe with a pattern of a white bird sown in the back. Bahra slowly walked around the table to the free chair. He looked from face to face and finally said “My name is Bahra it’s nice to meet you all”.

Each one of them in turn looked at him and smiled. The guy in the regal half robe was just about to speak but a loud roaring sound cut him off. Bahra walked slowly down the hallway with a thousand pictures. As he approached the door a small puppy ran towards him. Bahra picked up the dog and whispered in his ear. The small puppy followed the prince back to the table.

Back at the table the four boys continued to play first fox whist talking. The guy in the half robe went by the name of Renato Quinn. The other two guys around the table were Dane Arid a guy from the west deserts and Hayden Forest a quiet young guy from deep down south.

The birth of a Hero part 9

The king lived for five years after that day. He managed to arrange marriage’s for all of his eleven daughters into different royal families in different nations. He was unable to make his son succeed his position because he was too young and untrained. So his ex-wife and her husband gained rule over the kingdom. However, he managed to save his son by making him a squire of the royal family of Dy’syst, the kingdom of seclude. The last thing the king done for his son was to give him his sword, The Sword of Hail, and told him “son you must find the rest of the sword of the element of weather.”

Young Prince Baraine Mahra or Bahra as he preferred to be called stepped off a brilliant brown wooden boat into the tropical kingdom of Dy’syst. He was greeted by the king and queen along with their four daughters. The girls seemed to all be around the age of the prince. The royal family helped the prince with his bags and showed him to the squire’s quarters.

The squires quarter was a stone square house with quite a bit of bedrooms inside with a living area right in the middle of the house. Three young boys sat in long-backed chairs eyeing the prince in the hallway. The prince looked back at them and then muttered to himself “this is going to be hard.”

The birth of a Hero part 8

The king left his son’s bedroom to find a doctor. He limped down the long narrow hallways to the doctor’s chambers. Once he got in front of the room door he placed three rhythmic knocks upon the door. A skinny old man with long hair and deep wrinkles popped his head around the door. The old man looked at the king and said “I’ve been waiting for you my Lord.”

The king followed the old doctor into the room. The room was filled with a green mist that smelled of sweet flowers. The doctor pointed to a chair for the king to sit on. As the king sat on the frail wooden chair, he looked around the dark room. Painting hung crocked on the walls, books lay scattered all over the floor, a cabinet was filled with jars of strange things and the windows were sealed by a green slime. The doctor looked at the king with a toothless smile and said “let’s have a look at that leg of yours then.”

The next day the king held another family meeting, in that same small hall. His son and eleven daughters all showed up. The king waited for all of his children to be seated before he spoke “Children I have to tell you all something. I saw the doctor last night and he gave me bad news.” The kings voice started to break and tears started to roll down his cheek “The doctor said that I don’t have long to live, one maybe two years at the most.” All of the children started to cry and the hall turned into a sombre mood.