The murder weapon collection 1: second weapon

It was a mid-summers day in England, so the sky was a dark grey colour and the clouds were weeping uncontrollably. A tall fair headed man walked into the supermarket; from the moment that my eyes fell upon him my belly sank. Finally he approached me and filled me with all the stuff that I wanted to hear.

We left the supermarket hand in hand; he made me feel like a real man. When we got to his house he told me that he had no interest in me and left me feeling empty. This did not deter my determination to get my man.

Later that day he decided to take a trip somewhere without me. When he came back a woman with long blond hair that flowed all the way down her back was right behind him. The woman gave me a look that was red with fury.

As I sat downstairs waiting for the pair to finish whatever they was doing. I started hearing noises like leather cracking across skin and screems that were heavily muffled. The blond haired woman came downstairs wearing a short leather dress and a whip in her hand. She took me by the hand and we headed back upstairs.

While we were in the bedroom she made me smother the fair headed man with kisses until he could not kiss no more. Kissing him was the best moment of my life but also the worse because after a while he was rejecting me.

It was like a whirlwind the woman picked me up and ran out of the house. She got in her car and drove like a mad-woman possessed all the way to her house. When she got home she when straight to the back garden, picked up a pile of dead branches, she then put me and the branches in a steel drum and set it a light.

That’s the end of my story can you work out what I was. All will be revealed on Sunday the 6th November