Lustful encounter

Thin trees in the newly built estate swayed in the mini storm. Rain beat down upon the houses. Phoebe lay down on her bed gazing longingly out of her window. The rhythm of the rain tapping on the window, it soothed and relaxed her. Phoebe began melt into her fluffy bed. Her thoughts blurred, her reality fused with a wondrous dreamland. Huge soft lips kissed her neck seductively. She pulled his head in close to taste his soft lips only to realise that her dreamland had taken over. Her dreaming was enough to get her heart racing and her hormones jumping. “Ah” she moaned while her left hand squeezed her right breast and caressed her nipple. She rolled her head from right to left – biting her lip – as her right hand rubbed her vagina until it got wet. ‘vvvvvvvvvvv’ the bedside table vibrated, ‘vvvvvvvvv’ her phone would not stop ringing – interrupting her alone time. She glanced at her phone screen, to see Jason was calling. The seductive look that she had on her face changed into a brimming smile.

“Hey babe!” She answered in a soft voice.

“Hey” the voice on the phone replied, “what you doing.”


“I’ve been thinking about you.”

“Is that so, what have you been thinking about, then?”

“I was thinking, how much I miss your kisses, and that soft ass of yours.”

“Yeah… anything else?”

“I miss your soft body, your juicy breast and your tight…”

She cut him off with a sharp “Hey. That’s enough. Come round now and show me how much you miss me.”

“I was already on my way.”

“Hurry up then.” She giggled as she hung up the phone.


Phoebe sat on her bed with a huge grin of excitement, anticipating Jason’s arrival. Absently she put a finger in her mouth, tasting the sweetness of her own juices, throwing her hormones into high gear. Her mind rushed, from the passion deep inside her. She could not contain herself; she needed to express herself before Jason arrived. Spreading her dressing gown wide she planted her feet on the bed, pointed her knees outward – like the shape of a V – her hand slowly finding it’s way back between her legs. The tip of her vagina felt dry and barren. However, her fingers seemed to work magic, a change seemed to occur all at once, her dry and barren vagina became wet and moist. What seemed like a freak occurrence erupted a flash flood of womanly juices. Her fingers sloshed around on top of her clitoris. Her back arched and twitched as she let a groan of exhaustion.


Coming out of her ecstasy, she heard the sound of her doorbell. Phoebe shoot up, rushed to put clothes on. With a touch to her hair and a deep breath for composure, she swept down the stairs and opened the door for her lover. She guided Jason into the living room. With a smile on her face she said, “I wont be long, I need to get in the shower.” She headed straight to the bathroom and set the shower to the right temperature, letting the room fill with steam.


Her hair flowed down her back as she sang her favorite tune while the water washed over her slender frame. White frothy soap filled ever crevice of her body, to make sure she was clean for her lover. Jason couldn’t help himself; the anticipation was too much for him the bear. He crept up the stairs and entered the bathroom silently. Phoebe’s singing broke when she heard a creak on one of the floorboards, “Jason!” she screamed, “just wait and I’ll be down in a little while.” Jason smiled and threw the shower curtain wide open. However he was greeted by the shower head held in Phoebe’s in hands. Jason retreated back down stairs, soaked from head to toe with a towel in tow.


He waited in glee wrapped in nothing but a towel for her re-welcoming, but he was in no way ready for what she was about to do. She entered the room in black woolen tracksuit – Jason was underwhelmed to say the least. She sat in his lap, leant over and kissed him deeply. She started to kiss him deeply on her sofa. His hand rubbed along her lower back and stomach gently but firmly. Her hands wrapped around the back of his head and pulled him in close. She threw her head backwards as he started kissing along her neck. “Ah” she groaned as his lips triggered her sweet spot. She pulled away for just a second “let me put a movie on” she said as she placed a finger over his lip. He sat there, mouth open wide, with open arms as his now hard penis poked through the towel, watching her load the movie and began to undress in front of him. Jason pulled his eyes away from the TV. Phoebe was wearing sexy lingerie, his eyes flew open wide and his mouth was slightly a jaw. She walked over to him slowly, bent over, kissed him on the cheek and pushed his head back so he leaned further back in the sofa. She sat on his lap moving her hips in a seductive motion. His face turned red as the heat in the room began to rise. He sat there in the chair frozen for a moment then pulled her close and gave her a slow deep kiss. She took in the kiss, then after a short while grabbed him behind the neck. They kissed so passionately that, there surrounding began to blur, hormones flew everywhere. She loosened his towel as he undid strings and zips; hand and lips touched and kissed everywhere imaginable. He laid her down on the sofa, sucked her nipples as he trusted his two fingers in her vagina, he tickled her insides with a seductive come here motion, she moaned as her vagina got wet. His fingers were covered in her juices when he pulled them out to start rubbing on top of her clitoris. She moaned some more as her body twitched involuntary. Her stood up and rolled a condom down his shaft, he got on top of her in the normal fashion. His penis penetrated her vagina; she let out a light moan. It was like music to his ears, he went harder, faster, she yelled. He grabbed her tight and then gave it to her slow but firm, her body shook and he smiled. Her vagina grew moist allowing him to go deeper, the deeper he went the more she screamed. She laid on the chair in an exhausted slump. The sensitive vagina teased his penis and he came shortly after.


Sweat ran down his brow as he sat up in the chair, she gathered up a robe she left on a nearby chair and swiftly left the room leaving Jason bewildered, seconds later she came back in the room with two short drinking classes filled with brown fizzy liquid. He drew the drink to his lips and had a sip. “Mmm” he responded, ” brandy”

When he looked up phoebe’s class was empty and she had a tipsy lustful look in her eyes, she reached for his class, but before she could he held her the arm and guided her to her room.


He laid her down on the bed, kissing her slowly. He got on top of her, opened a new condom then started to fuck her slowly. Her nails dug into his back, hard, with every deep thrust he did,  she tried to scream her excitement, but nothing came out. A lustful look took over her eyes as she grabbed him by the sides motioning him to lie on the bed so she can get on top. She swung her hips around and slowly, then fast and jagged, his body was moving involuntary, he couldn’t contain himself. He kissed her, squeezed her breasts and put his hand all over her body to release some pressure. He just laid there looking up at her for a moment, took a deep breath and in a commanding voice he said, “Get up and go by the side of the bed.” He stood in front of her, laid her down and put her legs next to his shoulder and pulled them apart, he put his hard penis inside her wet vagina, with every pump it sounded like a wave splashing upon the rocky shoreline in a bitter seacoast. Her leg began to twitch and shake. The words that flew out of her mouth were unrecognizable to any human tongue, her eyes rolled into the back her head and her hands went limp. He hunched over to the point where he was lying on top of her. After a moment they got up only to lie back in the bed in a spooning position, his now limp penis caressed her soft behind, with a little wine from her gave his little man a stir. A smile grew on Jason’s face, and phoebe’s checks turned red.

By Ryan C Dillion

The Random Stories of Glyn-Joe Reid 01

As I sit in a corner I start to sink into a wall, my head slowly bumps onto the hard surface below. For a second i snap back into reality, then i realise where I am. Just as I turn my head to get my bearings of the surroundings, I appear in a jungle. I struggle to get to my feet. The tree branches begin to move, they threaten to hit me, as I try to counter the strike my arm snaps back, reminding me that my arms are restrained, I double back over and hit my head off the softly padded wall behind. Confusion has a hold of me i cannot discern what is reality and what isn’t, where am I, how did I get here, I am lost. The floor feels like a giant spiderweb and i’m getting stuck in. A ball of light from above blinds me, dazzles me. A clanging of keys tantalize my senses, throws me off-balance. water seamlessly trickles down my esophagus, food that feels like cardboard is being force-fed to me. The light vanishes and a gas slowly fills the room, my eyes grow heavy and my movements slow down. The room gets dark and my body turns lifeless.


What is this thing that we call life? Why does it ‘seem’ so hard?

We all want to live a happy life, but somehow, all end up scarred!

Obsession, Depression, Aggression, Paranoia, Procrastination,

Manipulation, Agitation, Confusion, Lust, Fear, Doubt, Low self esteem,

Lack of Trust, Hurt, by the ones we Love either physically, psychologically or both!!

What is this thing that we call life? Is it even worth living?

We all want others to be kind to us but, what are ‘we’ willing to do?

Some people would sooner kill themselves than help other people.

Deceit, Lying, Backstabbing, Double-crossing, Double-minded, Un-trustable,

Un-faithful, Self obsessed, Devil minded, Evil filled, Good For Nothing!!

What is this thing that we call life? Who is the one that made it?

Is it loved and appreciated for the bad as well as the good?

Was the ‘bad’ something gone wrong? Or was it a part of the necessary?

Is it just as loved? Or was it made to be hated?

& what is the use and source of hatred?

Anguish, Suffering, Craziness, Pain, Loneliness, Crime, Abuse,

Self-harming, Suicidal, Death, Mourning!!

So many people in this ‘world’, in this thing we call life.

So much of them are hurting, even though, Christ has paid the price.

But what Christ did, was done to give to us a gift. Unfortunately,

just like any other present, you cannot benefit unless you accept it.

& if you don’t accept it, you will have many questions about this thing

we call ‘life’. Unlike me, you won’t find the answers, I get mine from the source and that is Jesus Christ.


Sho psams un mm melt seko a mal un a thim. ec’s seko sho val tu nu whung en mm ment. Bit e have cu tuibc my ment fhum cemo cu cemo. ovohm cemo e’m tueng sumocheng sho pups encu mm melo and holdors mm mucur filcceun skesss isososs. As cemo guos un sho bogels cu fado fhom mm melt and e foos bhal low, e foos seko mo agael, e foos hoady cu cako cho wuhld agael. Huwovor, toop el mm melt sho well stess sevo, stess bhoach, stess vaiso mo cho tooposc pael, buc ecs cemo cu muvo ul.


The fly chronicles – Raymond and the car

There once was a fly that was big and fat

It was black and always sat on a hat

Till one day it smelled something nice

The rotten carcase of mice

It ate until his belly was full

It then had a rumble that started with a pull

The lining of its stomach tore to bear it seeds

The seeds that now sow the stories.

Out of the deepest darkest part of the mouse, Raymond was born. His body was heavy-set and he flew at a slow pace. Despite his slow flying, when he set his sights on something that he wanted he always managed to get it.

A smell seemed to dive him crazy, the smell was rich and foul all at the same time. The smell had him hooked, he was drawn in like two dog in mating season.

After a few minutes he arrived at a brown lump of gold. He wrapped his lips around the foul lump of brown gold and sucked until his belly was full. As he rested his body on the dog crap drunk from its foul nectar. A dark red car swerved down the road. The man in the car had one eye pointing to the sky and the other barely on the road and a tall white can seem to be fixed to his right hand.

Raymond could see the red car rushing towards him. He felt helpless and immobilized. Out of the deepest part of his soul he managed to move his wings. It was all too late for him as the car ran over the dog crap just as he got his wings working. The car carried on driving down the road with a patch of dog crap and a squashed fly on its wheel

Inner thoughts – Gluttony

What’s that? Huh you want something to eat, what would you like? Chocolate cake is it. Well you’re in for a treat. After the cake I’ll give you three packets of crisps, two chocolate bars, and fizzy drink and a big bag of sweets.  Did you hear that? It sounds like the phone, I would get it but this food, oh, this food is so good. I don’t think I’ll ever stop eating. What’s that? Oh it’s you, what do you want. That’s what you want. Why do you have to torture me with these pains to my internal organs? What has my stomach, liver and kidneys ever done to you but keep you well supplied. Ah well answer me. That right you can. Just relieve my bowels and be done with you, so I can eat some more.

Inner thoughts – Lusting

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women'...

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women's Sexual Fantasies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oooooh weee he looks good, damn. I wish I could have a piece of that. Look at the sweat trickling down his well-defined chest and his tight bum checks. Oh my, he’s just my type. I better look away before my husband sees me. I want to look away but that edible brown skin has me trapped. Oh, and his back. Oh, his back. Come on now, I need to look away now. But I can’t stop thinking about him on top of me, pinning me down with his big strong arms, kissing my neck, kissing my stomach and kissing my thighs. I need to calm down. Look away, look away. Remember I’m a married woman. Okay I’m fine now. Wait who’s that up there? I hope my husband doesn’t catch me.  If he does he just has to deal with because I’m going to get my look on anyway.

Inner thoughts – The sloth

What’s on the TV? Oh, it’s this. Where’s the remote. There it is. Where’s my wife when I need her. Not here as always, Swanning off with her girlfriends, I hope. Well it looks like I have to watch this, I know I have seen it twice already but who’s counting. What do you want now? Why are you always rumbling for? I fed you five minutes ago. Why do you do this to me? Okay, okay I’ll feed you, the crisps are here. Hmm, then I got chocolate, cola and sweets. Afterwards I’ll phone the Chinese or maybe the Indian. Well whatever I decide you will be the first to know. Oh. Oh. Oooooooooh, I hope you don’t want what I think you want. Oh, I think you do. Well I hope you know that I’m not moving. Now that I emptied you, what am I going to do with this bucket? I’ll just leave it, she will clean it up. I’m still watching this, oh well. I’ll get the remote when the takeaway comes.

Inner thoughts – Man abroad

I can’t wait it’s only a few more hours before I land. Can’t wait, can’t wait. I finally get to see dad for the first time. I hope he recognises me. These people need to hurry up, I need my bags. My dad is waiting. I have got to go. Ah the fresh French air with a hint of dog excrement, just how my mother described it. Where did I have to go? Ah, this is the bus. Why can’t these people speak English? Oh, my head is paining me. I think I’m lost but these people don’t understand me and I don’t understand them. Where’s my dad when I need, nowhere to be found. just like the rest of the times in my life. Oh, I wish my mother was here. Oh, I want to go back home. Forget my dad.

Inner thoughts – Poor guy

What am I going to do today? The same thing I always do. Try to find or make some money so I can eat. Boy, I wish I had done some things differently; I should have been a pilot by now, if it wasn’t for that brother of mine. Why the hell am I thinking about that fool? I miss him though. I wish I could just go up to him and ask him to forget about all the stuff that happened in the past. All this thinking isn’t going to fill my belly. Yes. There’s a man coming this way. I need to ask him for money, but I don’t want to. Stop, stop your damn rumbling. I don’t want the man to hear it. Why are people so stuck up? How do I get out of this situation? If the doctors can’t me, no one can. Someone help me.

Inner thoughts – Guy being cheated on

Okay, okay, she cheating on me I know she is. She doesn’t even need to tell me I already know. If I find this guy I’m going to slap him up. Forget that I’m going to slap her up; she’s taking the piss out of me, this cannot continue. When she comes home I’m going to sit in this chair with the light off, talk in a calm voice and call her over. At the point ill explode on her tell he that she’s this and she’s that and I want her out of my house. Or I might just throw all her clothes out of the window and change the locks and just ignore her until she leaves me alone.