The fly chronicles – Bert and the spider


There once was a fly that was big and fat

It was black and always sat on a hat

Till one day it smelled something nice

The rotten carcase of mice

It ate until his belly was full

It then had a rumble that started with a pull

The lining of its stomach tore to bare it seeds

The seeds that now sow the stories.

Out of an egg a small black fly with tiny wings was hatched. Lost and confused he set out into the big wide world. He saw bees harvesting pollen from flowers of the most vibrant colours. He saw a long chain of ants that hauled crumbs the size of peas back to their home. He saw the early birds catching the worms with the utmost of ease. The thing that he didn’t see were the spiders laying there webbed prisons.

After he watched all the wondrous things that the world had to offer Bert felt a rumble deep down in the pit of his stomach. The sweet smell of cake crumbs and small insects lured him in. he made a bolt through the trees and towards to the ground below, as he flew through the trees he felt himself slowed. His wings sticky and his body became immoveable.

Bert looked left and right only to find four of his siblings in the same position. He managed a weak glimpse upward only to see a huge black shape with six legs, and then a thin piece of silky string slowly started to wrap his body. Finally darkness came.


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