The murder weapon collection 1: first weapon

This is my life backward.

The day that I died nobody cried a tear. The last word I heard was “turn on the fire so we can burn, this, this thing” and that is the last thing I remember before it all got dark.

The day that I was sentenced to death was a very emotional day but only for me. A lot of things were said about me that I know was not true, or believed not to be true. The courts showed me pictures of my love’s corps but I showed no emotion and shed no tears.

I can remember the first time that i met my love; she embraced me with open arms. My love for her made me enter her heart. From that day on I never left her sight. I stayed with her even when times got cold, I stayed with her until the day that we was brought  in for questioning.

I remember the day that I met my good friend James. James took care of me when I was down and out. Me, James and the rest of the crew spent most of our time on the streets. Whenever James got in trouble we were there to back him up. Once a month we kept on hearing a sound. Then that fateful day came when I met my love and the same sound rang through my body.

The only thing that I can remember from before I met James was that some strange man fed me and dressed me to kill. Shortly after that I was put in a home with other people like me. We lived in a mobile home but we stayed in a stationary position until we met James.

This has been my life backwards.


This has been the first weapon, come back next week for the second weapon. If you want to know what the weapon is come back on the first Sunday of November not only to find out this weapon but all of the rest as well.


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