The birth of a Hero part 16


Dane Arid was a small boy with long hair that covered his eyes. He wore dark baggy green clothes and had a mask over his mouth. He walked over to the castle and saw Princess Eva collecting flowers in the royal garden. He slowly approached the Princess. “Eva!” He shouted. Her head slowly turned around to show him black look. He froze on the spot and sweat started to trickle down his forehead. Her stern look turned into a broad smile then she burst out laughing and walked off.

“Slow down!” Dane said to Eva. Eva looked at him and carried on walking. Dane’s skin started to turn red hot and steam came off of his body. The red hotness changed and his body turned black and his hair stood upwards. His body became flexible and his reaction became heightened.

He called out to the Princess once more; she looked at him once more and started run with a big smile on her face because they always play this game. She would run as fast as she could but he would always catch her.


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