The birth of a Hero part 13

The crowd gasped as the dog transformed into a sikai. Bahra sat up on the beast and waited for peter to get back to his feet. Peter rolled on to his belly with a moan. His arms and legs trembled as he tried to get up off the ground. Bahra looked a peter and begun to speak “sir I am not skilled at using sword, but I am not going to lose them. You came here to challenge me and you lost. Now I must ask you for a favour. Sir Peter of blue falls will you be my teacher.” Peter bowed his head and accepted his new position.

When Bahra finished talking, the cut on his leg made him pass out. He woke up in a confusing haze in his bed room. Thinking it was all a dream, he began to run towards his door, the pain in his leg shot straight up to his back and made him fall to the floor.

Hearing the loud thud on the ceiling Renato quickly ran up the stairs. He saw his friend lying on the floor in a huge amount of pain. He put his hands together, bowed he head down. The two staffs printed on his cloak began to move. One of them snaked its way down his arm and out of his sleeve. Now he held one staff in his hand and the other was still printed on his back. He lifted the staff high into the air and held one hand over his friend’s foot. With a deep breath out a mystical blue light came from his hand. Bahra’s foot started to heal.


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