The birth of a Hero Part 10

The prince was shown to his room which was on the top floor. The room had a small bed in one of the corners by the window. Two dusty oil lamps faced each other on parallel walls. The bookshelf opposite his was slanted and leaned against the wall. The bottom panels to the door to his room were missing. Bahra laid his bags on the floor, change into some comfortable house clothes and headed to the stairs.

When the prince enter the living area, the three young boys still sat in the long-backed chairs, but this time they were around a table playing first fox a card game. The first boy his eye caught was a short slim guy, with long grey hair and grey eyes. He wore a regal blue half robe with a pattern of a white bird sown in the back. Bahra slowly walked around the table to the free chair. He looked from face to face and finally said “My name is Bahra it’s nice to meet you all”.

Each one of them in turn looked at him and smiled. The guy in the regal half robe was just about to speak but a loud roaring sound cut him off. Bahra walked slowly down the hallway with a thousand pictures. As he approached the door a small puppy ran towards him. Bahra picked up the dog and whispered in his ear. The small puppy followed the prince back to the table.

Back at the table the four boys continued to play first fox whist talking. The guy in the half robe went by the name of Renato Quinn. The other two guys around the table were Dane Arid a guy from the west deserts and Hayden Forest a quiet young guy from deep down south.


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