The birth of a Hero part 9

The king lived for five years after that day. He managed to arrange marriage’s for all of his eleven daughters into different royal families in different nations. He was unable to make his son succeed his position because he was too young and untrained. So his ex-wife and her husband gained rule over the kingdom. However, he managed to save his son by making him a squire of the royal family of Dy’syst, the kingdom of seclude. The last thing the king done for his son was to give him his sword, The Sword of Hail, and told him “son you must find the rest of the sword of the element of weather.”

Young Prince Baraine Mahra or Bahra as he preferred to be called stepped off a brilliant brown wooden boat into the tropical kingdom of Dy’syst. He was greeted by the king and queen along with their four daughters. The girls seemed to all be around the age of the prince. The royal family helped the prince with his bags and showed him to the squire’s quarters.

The squires quarter was a stone square house with quite a bit of bedrooms inside with a living area right in the middle of the house. Three young boys sat in long-backed chairs eyeing the prince in the hallway. The prince looked back at them and then muttered to himself “this is going to be hard.”


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