The birth of a Hero part 8

The king left his son’s bedroom to find a doctor. He limped down the long narrow hallways to the doctor’s chambers. Once he got in front of the room door he placed three rhythmic knocks upon the door. A skinny old man with long hair and deep wrinkles popped his head around the door. The old man looked at the king and said “I’ve been waiting for you my Lord.”

The king followed the old doctor into the room. The room was filled with a green mist that smelled of sweet flowers. The doctor pointed to a chair for the king to sit on. As the king sat on the frail wooden chair, he looked around the dark room. Painting hung crocked on the walls, books lay scattered all over the floor, a cabinet was filled with jars of strange things and the windows were sealed by a green slime. The doctor looked at the king with a toothless smile and said “let’s have a look at that leg of yours then.”

The next day the king held another family meeting, in that same small hall. His son and eleven daughters all showed up. The king waited for all of his children to be seated before he spoke “Children I have to tell you all something. I saw the doctor last night and he gave me bad news.” The kings voice started to break and tears started to roll down his cheek “The doctor said that I don’t have long to live, one maybe two years at the most.” All of the children started to cry and the hall turned into a sombre mood.


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