The birth of a Hero part 7

The sikai’s legs sprang from his body; his tail was long, flat and thin with a point at the tip. His wings unfolded into flawless arched wings, the gills on the side of his neck flared up and his small sharp teeth poked through. His body was covered in rosewood scales that made the hall look as if it was on fire. The young prince grabbed the back of the sikai and its colour vanished. The rosewood colour was only retained on the tip of his tail and in its eyes.

The beast roared and the hall begun to shake. The roar triggered the young prince to grab the back of its neck again. The prince and the sikai started to shake, then in a flash of light they dropped to the floor and the sikai changed into a puppy. The young prince looked at his father and said “Fore” and passed out. The king picked up his son and told his daughters to go to their beds. As he walked up the spiral stairs to his castle the sikai or Fore as his son had called it, followed the king quietly. The king took his son to his bedroom and laid him down and whispered in his ear “you were born to be a hero.”


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