The birth of a Hero part 6

His eyesight had become hazy like he was wearing smudged sunglasses. It had been a year since he had found the sikai egg and the scars on his right leg still pained like it had happened yesterday. The stick in his had looked as if it had been there a long time because the branches and his finger nails seemed to flow as one. His rich elegant hunting clothes were ripped into dirt stained rags. He looked up and out of the haze that shrouded his eyes he saw an outline of what looked like his daughter Meila. Tears screamed down her plumped cheeks as she ran to her father.

In a croaky voice he said “Ah Meila it … it is good to see you … how … is … the … lad?”

Meila replied in a comforting voice “He is doing just fine dad, but I have some bad news to tell you. Mum thought that you had died when she saw all of the solders return and you did not. She has found a new husband, father.”

King Mahra straightened his back and stood upright he looked at his daughter cleared his throat and said in a strong voice “Take me to your mother and when we get there call your brother and sisters down.”

King Mahra and his daughter Meila walked to the small family hall at the back of the keep in complete silence. The small hall had two entrances, one being at the back of the keep a small door that takes you underground. The other entrance came from a spiral stairs that came out of the castle. Light filled the room from the windows above that were hidden on the surface and from the long pole candles that lined the hall.

King Mahra sat in his thrown and waited for his wife and children to come in. All at once a thunderous sound of footsteps came marching down the spiral stairs. His eyes were drawn to his wife and her new husband. After all of the children sat in their chairs, King Mahra called his wife and her second husband to him. In a low voice he said “Get out of my kingdom now. You (pointing to his wife) come here in a month’s time and we will talk. Now get out.”

His wife and her second husband ran out of the hall as fast as they could.

King Mahra then asked his son to come to him. His daughters Henna and Zariyah took Baraine Mahra hand in hand and walked him up to their father.  King Mahra picked up his son and put him on his lap. He then took his sons hand and put it on the sikai egg. The egg started to glow a bright yellow colour. The bright yellow colour transferred from the egg to the prince. Then in a flash of light the prince was sitting on the back of a sikai floating in mid-air.


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