The birth of a Hero part 5

A huge grey head came snapping through the trees, fiery sharp curved webbed claws scratched the branches out-of-the-way. King Mahra kicked and splashed the murky blue water in a struggle to get away.  The fully grown sikai arced his wings, twitched his ears and dived head first towards King Mahra. King Mahra looked up to see the thin looking one more time and took a deep breath and the murky blue water swallowed him whole. He kicked fiercely to get out of the sikai’s path. His eyes begun to burn from the water but the exit was just in front of him. The exit came quicker than he thought it would have, the same time he reached the cave the sikai’s claw ran all the way down his leg. The water seeped down into the wound giving him a constant feel of pain.

The cave walls dripped with a green slime and the smell that came off the slime made him dizzy. The scratches on his right leg gave him a limp to his walk. The way out of the cave slipped his mind which made him get lost for two weeks. When he found his way out he began his journey back home.
It was three days before Prince Baraine Mahra second birthday and everybody had given up hope for King Mahra’s return, even Queen Serina had found a new partner. The young prince was up and running around causing trouble for everyone. His sisters Meila, Sharone, Rina, Ayyana, Fayn, Linse, Joan, Elaina, Dianne, Henna and Zariyah all did as they pleased. Henna and Zariyah were the only ones that spent any time with the prince, the rest of his sisters stayed in their groups of three; Meila, Sharone and Rina in the first group, Ayyana, Fayn and Linse in the second and Joan, Elaina and Dianne in the third. On that day Meila decided to take a walk all by herself and that was when she saw her father holding a large egg in his left hand, a sturdy wooden stick in his right hand and a limp to his walk.

thank you for reading please come back next week


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