The birth of a Hero part 4

In the year of King Mahra’s absence he travelled high and low, in dark caves, in musty forests and on top of high mountains. King Mahra looked everywhere; all of his soldiers had long given up hope in finding a Sikai. One night he laid down on a hard floor and look into the deep night sky, which was where he found his answer to his search. The next day he disbanded his army and sent them home. He decided to take a break from the search to think about where a sikai may be.

Flocks of sikai soared high above his head and faded to the west. Big red hairy four legged creatures jumped all over him, tongues licked his whole body and his hand reached up to wipe his face. When he hand came back down he was in the middle of a lake, he tried to swim forward but he could not move. The more he struggled the more he begun to drown until the water finally filled his lungs and took him away.

He coughed himself awake and realised that he was in the same place as the day before but now he knew he had to go west. He started to walk to the west and the first thing he saw was a cave open up from the ground.

Inside the cave spider webs hung from every direction but that could not stop the king from his journey. After travelling two hard days in a dark and dank cave he found an opening in the middle of a shallow lake. He searched for dry land but there was none to be found, instead he found tall trees with a thin base. A strong smell exploded in his nostrils almost rendering him unconscious. In his heart he knew he was close to a sikai nest. The floor began to lower and the lake became deep. He dived down and there it was an egg that had no colour but also had every colour. It shined and was dull at the same time. He went to pick it up but it was heavy and then it turned light right in his arms. He started to swim away then he heard a roar.

This has been part 4, part 5 will be here the same time next week


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