Portal 2

Portal 2 is a first-person puzzle game. where you use two connecting portals to solve the puzzles. Portal 2 follows on from the first game. Where a robot by the name of GLaDOS entices the main character with ‘cake’ to solve to puzzles.

This game offers you to play in two Different mode, single player and co-op play.

The single mode has you playing as the main character, trying to escape the test rooms. Where the co-op play makes you play with one of two robots with a friend or anybody online.

This grabbed me and never let me go, every time I solved a puzzle I said to myself “This is the last one I’m doing, then I’m turning it off.” but I still continued to play. The co-op play is just as good if not better, the only problem is that people need to CO-OPerate when playing this or you will get annoyed


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