Fight Night Champion

Fight Night Champion is the fifth game in the series and by far the best one yet. This time around EA Sports added a story mode in the game where you follow the career of a young and up-coming middle-weight Boxer by the name of Andre Bishop.

So what’s new? you ask.

Like I already told the game now has a story mode, the training games have been updated and the controls have been revamped. Along with this EA have added a few extra online modes, online gyms, online world championship and tournament mode.

In the online gym mode you can create a gym or join a gym. while you are in a gym you can challenge other gym members to become the best fighter in your gym. when you get good enough you can then compete against rival gyms. 

Online world championship mode is where you take your created boxer and try to get them to the top of the leader board.

Tournament mode is where you challenge other people and the winner of the tournament wins money.

This had me playing for hours, trying to rank up and better my boxer. I think that this game is the best fighting game that is out at the moment. So if you want a great fighting experience look no further  


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