The birth of a Hero part 2

King Mahra, of the kingdom of Maine was blessed with his first son after having a long line of daughters. In honour of his son’s birth King Mahra sent a search for these rare creatures called Sikai, the beast of kings. legends foretold, a hero would be born out of a great noble house and would be able to control the weather, while riding on the back of a mythical creature.

The first day of the search King Mahra took of his arm band and wrapped it around the prince’s head and said, “Today I leave my son here so I can find a Sikai to ensure that he becomes a hero. I leave him with three things; first I leave him with the Sword of Rain to protect him as he grows up, second I leave him the War band of Maine to give him the power of our people. The last thing I leave my son is his name. Everybody should know him by Prince Baraine Mahra.”

 This is the end of part 2. Come back next week to find out what happens.


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